This is what GAELIC VANDALS do !!


This Site used to supply 3 Full Sized Football Pitches with Pavilion and Changing Facilities.

In February 2006 we photographed the Site as it was once again under threat of building development for the 17th time.

The Site has been deliberately neglected and let to deteriorate for over 14 years by the GAA. Mr O’lerary told Greenwich Council that the GAA did not want the Site and had no use for it, except to raise money!

On 26/7/06 a 4 to 6 METRE SCAR was GOUGED through the deep undergrowth and Meter high grassy areas.

The DESTRUCTION proceeds around the entire perimeter of the site. Aslo the 25 Metre entrance way and 2 tracks across the centre of the fields from the Pavilion to the East side of the site. 


On 26th July a JCB type machine was taken on to the Sports Ground and driven around gouging out the kind of Environmental Destruction you see above.

Birds Nests and an over 14 year old habitat that supports ENDANGERED SPECIES like STAG BEETLES and BATS was wantonly destroyed as you can see.


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