About Us

About Us

RAGED is the Residents Organisation
Residents Against Gaelic Environment Destruction.

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We are fighting to keep the Gaelic Athletic Association Sports Ground, Avery Hill Road, London SE9 as a Sports Grounds and Community Open Space.

We represent 98% of the residents living near to the GAA Site who wish to defeat any planning threat made against the site including Novalong who plan to build over 261 housing units, up to 4 stories high on this site.

We have the support of GLA Members, Bexley and Greenwich MPs, Local Councillors, Lamorby and New Ethan Residents Associations, Sport England, The Football Foundation, The National Playing Fields Association, Planning Aid for London, English Nature and Disabled Charities.

We support the Government, GLA and Local Authority legislation and planning controls that protect this site. For over 40 years it has been recognised that London needs its Green Spaces to act as the GREEN LUNGS for us all. In these days of serious air pollution in London, the Green Belt contributes to the health and well being of all Londoners.

The site is fully protected under the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Planning Core Strategy as Community Open Space and Planning Policy 01. The Sports Ground is also situated in an area which is recognised as deficient in Local Parks and is supported strongly by the Conservative Group on the Council. This Sports Ground Restoration is also supported by the neighbouring Bexley Borough. The Olympics in 2012 showed the sites importance for Child Obesity and London's ever increasing Pollution. The land should now be put to use for the amenity and health of residents and visitors to the Greenwich and Bexley Boroughs, as well as all of London.

The site has been WILLFULLY LOCKED AWAY AND NEGLECTED for over 20 years, by its owners. This a cynical, land grabbing and profiteering action to reap Millions of Pounds from getting the land built upon. The Gaelic Athletic Football Association hope that local residents would wish to ditch the Sporting and Green aspects of this site in favour of housing. In reality the site is returning to nature despite destructive treatment and is now supporting a wonderful diversity of wildlife with potentially endangered species. We wish to return the site to Sports and Recreation taking account of all the ecological, health and environmental aspects it serves today.



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