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The Gaelic Athletic Association Sports Ground, Avery Hill Road, London SE9

Breaking News:-

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After that date there will be no access to this Content or its Email Service.

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The Developer is making Changes to the Plans and Commitments

You can look at the New Changes and Object at:-


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Photos of the Workings - January 2017

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Letter from Linden Homes - 28th November 2016

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The Invasion Begins - 6th September 2016

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The Appeal Decision is now Available


Thank You.

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Winners - Supporting Restoration of the - Gaelic Athletic Sports Ground – at 132 Avery Hill Road,
London, SE9 -  With Greenwich Council, Greenwich Borough FC, Fields In Trust and Sport England.

Thanks For Everything :-)

It has been almost 2 years, of all your lives, since we found out the true nature of what Novalong, the GAA and Linden Homes Land Grab on our COS Site meant.

We beat them at the Planning Board and yet the Hydra had only lost 1 head and 8 days later it was back trying to bite us.

We fought it all again culminating with the Public Inquiry between 5th and 16th April 2016.

We want to give massive credit to Greenwich Borough Council, it's team and their outstanding Head of Legal Services, Andrew Fraser-Urquhart QC. They have put up an outstanding case to reject the Planning Appeal and RAGED will be eternally grateful for that defence we do not have the resources to produce.

Now the weapons have been taken from our hands and the only champion left who can slay the Hydra is the Inspector Mr Brian Sims.

His decision should be published on or by 31st March 2016 on the PINS Website at :- https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3129768.

As we all left the inquiry on Friday he takes away all our hopes and those of GBFC and many others.

He will work out his judgement over the next month, so by end of May we should know if we have a Sports Ground or a Building Site on our Green Space.

We believe if he follows Planning Law that he will Reject the Appeal.
However, if he likes the lolly pops and FREE Ice Cream the Speculators want him to swallow, by turning our COS into building land, he can give them planning permission.

So RAGED wants to Inform the Residents and to thank every backer, supporter, helper, Team Member and then put RAGED to bed for the foreseeable future.

Now everyone can have their lives back :-)

RAGED wants to thank you and let’s hope we did the right things to get the result we all want.

If you have a faith it would be good to lay down a few prayers for the Inspector, the GAA, Linden Homes, Novalong and Greenwich Borough FC.

Many thanks.

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Supporting Restoration of the - Gaelic Athletic Sports Ground – at 132 Avery Hill Road, London, SE9 - With Greenwich Council, Fields In Trust and Sport England.

Come and SEE US and GIVE YOUR SUPPORT at the Planning Inquiry

RAGED are fighting Linden Homes and Novalong who want to build on the GAA Site at the Planning Appeal.  The Appeal is at The Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW, on Tuesday 5th April 2016 from 09:45, for 8 days over 2 weeks.  More info will be on the website.  Your support would be appreciated

RAGED Residents, 74 Crombie Road, SIDCUP, Kent, DA15 8AU - Tel: 020 8300 5897    Mob: 079 51 52 47 39
ragedresidents@ragedresidents.org.uk  -   www.ragedresidents.org.uk

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Greenwich Borough Football Club wins planning approval for controversial site

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 By Mandy Little in Local People

A FOOTBALL club won council approval for its plans for a site which is the subject of a planning appeal for a rival development.
Greenwich Borough Football Club’s proposals for the former Gaelic Athletic Association(GAA) sports ground in Avery Hill, Eltham were unanimously agreed by planning board councillors last week.
But a public enquiry is to kick off in April as Linden Homes is appealing to overturn the council’s earlier refusal of its plans last summer for 135 homes on the same site.
Residents who have battled housing developments on the land for more than 40 years say they are “delighted” with the football club’s plans as they will bring back sport and community activities back to the site which was last used by the GAA in 1992. The project will on completion fufila six year dream of the club to return to its home borough. The club, which plays in Southern Counties East League Premier Division but is now looking to join Ryman Division One North, currently shares a ground with Dartford Football Club at Grassbanks in Dartford.
The club has now secured outline planning permission is for a full size 3G football pitch and one full size grass stadium with arena terracing, turnstiles, administration and cafe buildings in addition to a community recreation area. Also proposed is an earth mound as screening for the homes which back onto the site.
Planning permission for the proposals drawn up by Linden Homes with land owners Novalong, were turned down on grounds the site is designated Community Open Space and it is not required by the council to fulfil its housing targets.
The report on the football club’s planning application noted that objections were submitted to it by Planning Potential on behalf of Linden Homes.
Malcolm Bond the chair of RAGED (Residents Against Gaelic Athletic Destruction) which has strongly opposed housing developments on the site for decades, told The Mercury: “We are totally delighted that Greenwich Borough Football Club have achieved planning approval – we back them 100 per cent. Their proposals are in line with the land being Community Open Space. They are also going to provide an academy, community sports and areas people can come and enjoy have picnics in so it ticks all the boxes for us. It is everything the local residents have been looking for all these years – all our hopes and dreams have come true.”
However he said: “We are now working on submitted evidence to the public enquiry into the Linden Homes development.”
Stewart Marlow, the development director at the football club, told The Mercury: “We were really pleased that the councillors unanimously voted for our concept and felt it was a really great welcome back to the borough. There has been two years work behind the scenes on the plans and so the approval was really emotional for us.”
A response was requested from Linden Homes but the developer decided it would not comment at this time.

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The Planning Application 15/1330/O by Greenwich Borough FC is due to go to the Planning Board in early March 2016. Please Support this Application -

Ref: http://publicaccess.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/online-applications/simpleSearchResults.do;jsessionid=E26D03B3A883EB3EA1E57D414FA761ED?action=firstPage

15/1330/O | Outline Planning Permission (All Matters Reserved) for the provision of two full size 3G football pitches, with one pitch having high perimeter fencing. Both pitches to have column mounted floodlights. Proposals also include providing an access off Avery Hill Road utilising an existing access point. Temporary car parking and changing facilities initially that will be replaced with a permanent car park and changing facilities, which will include turnstiles, admin/ticket offices, cafe and recreation area. An additional boundary to the existing residential properties is proposed in the form of an earth mound. | The Gaelic Athletic Association Sports Ground and 132 Avery Hill Road, Eltham, SE9


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Please express your opposition to the Appeal by the Developers.



At The Town Hall, Wellington Street, London SE18 6PW,  

On 05 April 2016 at 10.00am


Appeal(s) by Linden Limited and Novalong Limited

Relating to the rejected application to Royal Borough of Greenwich   (Ref:14/14/3551/F)

For Full Planning Application for the erection of 135 residential units of up to 2.5 storeys in height, with associated access, parking, publicly accessible open space and landscaping, including demolition of a garage at 134 Avery Hill Road

At Land at and to the rear of 132 and 134 Avery Hill Road, New Eltham, LONDON SE9 2EY

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will attend at the place, date and time shown above to decide the appeal(s).

Members of the public may attend the inquiry and, at the Inspector's discretion, express their views. If you, or anyone you know has a disability and is concerned about facilities at the inquiry venue, you should contact the council to confirm that suitable provisions are in place. Documents relating to the appeal(s) can be viewed at the Council's offices by prior arrangement.

Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/E5330/W/15/3129768

Contact point at the Planning Inspectorate:

Peter Kozak, Room 3/26, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS16PN Tel: 0303 444 5402

Where applicable, you can use the internet to submit documents, to see information and to check the progress of cases through the Planning Portal. The address of our search page is  -  www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/ appeals/ /online /search


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Letter and Advice

The example letter is now available PDFThumb and we have an Advice Sheet for you PDFThumb

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Our Online Petition Is Here


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Linden/Novalong Appealing the Determination of their Planning Application.

The fight goes on and this time we have even more powerful allies and genuine evidence that the Site is wanted for Sports and Recreational use.

There is a notification that the Planning Inspectorate have been asked to hold a Public Enquiry for the Appeal.

The Notification Letter can be seen :- Here PDFThumb PIN Ref: APP/E5330/W/15/3129768

The Closing Date for Final Submissions is 13th October 2015.

To: Peter Kozak, 3/26, Hawk Wing, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN

The Fight Goes on and with even more power to our elbow.

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RAGED Residents are Determined to Compulsory Purchase the Old GAA Site.

RAGED Residents have started work on using Community Legislation to end the GAA's Toxic Grip on the Sports Ground so that it can be restored to Sports and Recreational use for all the Local and Wider Community.

We will now progress to Compulsory Purchase of the Site. The Owner has shown themselves to be Toxic Destroyers and unacceptable Custodians of this Valuable Sports Ground. They have had 25 years to use or Restore it and have refused all attempts to Restore it by others. They have vandalized the Site and Failed to Keep it Secure along with its Neighboring Residencies.

There is now massive evidence that the Site is wanted for Restoration to Sporting and Recreational use and RAGED Residents will throw its full weight behind that move.

Residents are now celebrating that the GAA's days as the Neighbors From Hell will be short lived.

All we can say is Watch this Space :-)

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RAGED Residents Defeat the Developers once again at Greenwich Planning Board

On 1st July 2015 RAGED Residents attended the Greenwich Planning Board Meeting mob handed to show the Developers that they will never overcome RAGED opposition to attempts to build on the Old GAA Site. The Planning Board once again rejected the planning Application and protected this Valuable Community Open Space Green Field Site from building.

Greenwich Planning Board accepted that National Planning Policy, The London Plan and Greenwich Core Strategy protects this valuable Site. Developers can publish all the plans they like and try to spin opposition to their plan however they like. All the money they can throw at braking Planning Law just won't work.

RAGED Residents celebrated the win :-

Victory at Planning Board

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The GAA and Novalong Lie is Exposed and Shot Themselves in the Foot.

On Monday 29th June 2015 the GAA and Novalong predictably turned down a full priced Bid from Greenwich Borough FC to take over and restore the Old GAA Sports Ground.

The tables are now fully turned against the Greedy Duo who could not give a valid reason to turn down a genuine Bid on the Site. In the background there are other Bidders who saw right through the SHAM Sale that the GAA and Novalong had set up. The GAA and Novalong were openly supporting the Developers Planning Application to build on the Site, making a mockery of any Sales process which is now exposed a complete SHAM.

This further reinforced RAGED Residents position that the GAA is a Bad Custodian of the Community Open Space and not fit to be its Owners. Meanwhile Greenwich Borough FC's Planning Application to Restore the Site is cruising to be given Planning Permission very soon.

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RAGED Residents Public Meeting with Clive Efford MP

On 25th June 2015 almost 100 RAGED Residents attended Anstridge Hall to hear Greenwich Borough FC present their Planning Application 15/1330/O for Restoration of The Old GAA Site.

The Residents were delighted that GBFC Plans were exactly what has been wanted for the Site for Decades. Residents pledged to do everything possible to see that the GBFC Application was successful.

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RAGED Residents have announced a Bid to Restore the Sports Ground

RAGED have gathered a Bid for the Sports Ground. We have told the Property Agents and will proceed when the impending rejection of the Planning Applications at Greenwich are announced.

We have also made an Offer to the Gaelic Athletic Association of London that they can have FREE use of a Pitch on the Site to play their Gaelic Games. That offer is for the foreseeable future so we could have Gaelic Sports back at New Eltham soon. We await the GAA's reply to our offer.

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Bexley Borough have issued Public Consultation

Bexley Residents are invited to Comment and Object to the Planning Application by 11th February 2015.

Object on their Planning Portal:-


We will also be coming round to help you object.

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RAGED Residents Meeting with Clive Efford MP

We met with Clive Efford MP, who is totally opposed to any Development on the GAA Site. He says that it must be sold and Returned to Sports and Recreation as the Sports Ground is Community Open Space.

Clive has asked us to do one thing by 28th January 2015:-

He has asked that we get as many Letters of Objection in to Greenwich Council for 28th January 2015 as possible. Also that those letters should be individual in style. So individual Personal Letters of Objection are required.

Please produce your own letters by word processor or hand written and send them by Snail Mail or email to:-

Mark Mirams
Directorate of Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills
Woolwich Centre, 5th floor
35 Wellington Street
London, SE18 6HG

Email: mark.mirams@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8921 6097 or 020 8921 5442

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Greenwich have reinvented the Planning Application Identity:-

14/3551/F - GAA Site - You can respond!

Construction of 136 residential units of up to 3 storeys in height with associated access, parking, publicly accessible open space and landscaping. And Demolition of a garage at 134 Avery Hill Road. The Gaelic Athletic Association Sports Ground and 134 Avery Hill Road, Eltham, SE9 (DEPARTURE FROM THE ROYAL GREENWICH LOCAL PLAN). Closing Date: 28th January 2015


They have also SPUN in the Bardhill Site:-

14/3552/F - Bardhill Site - You can respond!

Redevelopment of the site for sports pitch provision, a community building, school/community garden and associated parking and landscaping. Bardhill Sports Club, 245 Footscray Road, Eltham, SE9 2EL (DEPARTURE FROM THE ROYAL GREENWICH DEVELOPMENT PLAN). Closing Date: 28th January 2015


We are gathering a response and will visit ALL of our Residents soon with HELP and SUPPORT.

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Public Petition November 2014

We took a Petition, against plans to build on the GAA Site. We stood outside the Public Exhibition held in Avery Hill Road for 32 hours over one week in Early November 2014. It was very cold, wet and windy but about 80% of the visitors to the Exhibition signed our Petition.

Here is our public display and Petition:-

Initial DisplayMail Display

Please tell us what you think and offer help to email :-  ragedresidents@ragedresidents.org.uk

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The Sale has brought offers to purchase the Sports Ground for Restoration

We have seen a Plan to turn the Sports Ground back to a real Community Sports and Recreational facility.

The Site will be self maintaining for energy and water and can subsidise its running costs by selling the excess power to the grid.

There are also creative plans to introduce other commercial elements which would see the Site totally funded so that the public can have free access. Please note the amazing array of facilities proposed. This makes it a real Community Asset.

Here is the Plan :-

Restoration Plan

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The GAA have finally put the GAA Sports Ground up for SALE [Click Here]



Sales Noticeadd_2

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Further Details:-

This site has been deliberately locked away, vandalised and left neglected for over 20 years by the Owners the London Gaelic Athletic Association. It has been the subject of over 17 Planning Applications to build housing on it and will reap the Owners over £8M, if they get planning permission.

The Sports Ground is part of London’s Green Belt established for the health and amenity of all London and is now designated as Community Open Space (COS).

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We are now fighting to retain the designation of “COMMUNITY OPEN SPACE” for this valuable site. We also fight the Planning Applications that seek to remove this valuable Sports and Recreational facility from public use for ever.

The 2014 Royal Borough of Greenwich Core Strategy protects the Site with its designation of Community Open Space. 

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